Uberlube, Inc.


A note from our founder: 

Feeling is everything. That’s the premise I launched this company under and the reason we continue to operate the way we do today.

Over the years, I have personally refined überlube through hundreds of iterations of formula, to bring you a product that doesn’t just reduce friction, but lets skin feel and interact with skin in a way that’s natural and intimate. This is a unique characteristic of our product and is the foremost reason why people buy and continue to use überlube and nothing else!

People also tell us they love überlube because it lasts a long time and then goes away when they no longer need it. This is no accident. “Performance” at überlube means the product should have lasting characteristics while in use, without requiring reapplications or involving a burdensome clean up afterwards.

When we say “feeling is everything,” we’re also saying that the lubricant should be a tool that does its job without stealing the show or getting in the way. That’s why we have always relied on simple, inert, body-friendly ingredients rather than warming ingredients, flavors, or other gimmicks.

It’s clear that I love our product, but I also truly believe that what we do here is never really about überlube. In other words, we are lucid in our understanding that überlube is there to enable you—to make your experiences better. Überlube should come to the scene at the exact moment needed, perform gloriously, and disappear into the night. You are the star of the show, whether you’re having fun with your partner, running a marathon, or looking your best for a night out.

I decided back in 2002 to create überlube because I wanted to make lubricants what they should be—to bring them into the light and to help remove the stigma from a personal product that can help bring so much happiness and satisfaction, without harm. Feeling is everything. We hope you enjoy.

Stephen Magnusen



Contact: Cheryl Sloane

Address: 7316 Ridgeway
Skokie, IL 60076

Phone Number: (773) 454-5188

Email:  cheryl@uberlube.com


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