NCCPA 2020 data show that only 1.2% of PAs practice in OBGYN. Without available PAs to precept our students during their Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences (SCPE), they are less likely to enter the field due to a lack of exposure, example, and opportunity. PA students show their value in all settings which is crucial in breaking down barriers for PAs wanting to enter the specialty. As a bonus, by reaching out to administrators and advocating for PAs and PA student’s preceptorship opportunities, we can enlighten them on the benefits of employing PAs.


  • PA students require 240 hours or six weeks of OBGYN clinical time

  • Some students are limited to only four weeks or are unable to experience having a physician or PA as their preceptor due to a shortage of preceptors


  • Competition for students

  • Lack of understanding from administrations

  • Lack of PAs working in the field


  • Increase the number of OBGYN PAs

  • Increase the number of OBGYN preceptors

Becoming an OBGYN Preceptor

  1. Review the list of PA programs in your state or region

  2. Reach out to the program clinical coordinator or director of clinical medicine

  3. The clinical faculty can guide you on creating affiliations with your practice or health system as well as provide you with appropriate connections


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